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Top Tips to Maintaining Your Display Cases for Jewelry



Display Cases for Jewelry

Having the right display cases for jewelry can actually determine how well your store will sell, it may seem like a conspiracy theory but that is the fact. Many display cases for jewelry are able to not only provide the owner with a reliable place to display his or her goods, but the display cases themselves can help to alleviate the look of the items contained within, affecting sales. That is why you need the following tips to ensure your cases are properly taken care of.

Keeping the Shine in your Display Cases for Jewelry

Certain display cases for jewelry have metallic parts which can get dull when left unpolished and especially if they are exposed to the elements. Don’t think that as long as your display case isn’t under direct sunlight that it won’t be affected, as dust and other particles blowing around inside the store can still affect the way it shines, leaving the metallic parts looking dull and grey. By the time this happens, there really isn’t anything more that you can do other than to replace them entirely and that will cost you a lot of money.

Keeping them polished is as easy as applying the right sort of polish to a cloth and then proceed to wipe. The key lies not in the sort of polish or the type of cloth, but on how frequently you polish your display cases for jewelry. The more often you do so, the less likely the metal parts will lose their shine that quickly.

Always make sure your display cases for jewelry are always clean, both internally and externally

It makes sense that since most of your customers will come in to your store and peer at your goods through your display cases for jewelry, that you would think the smudges left by their hands on the outside of the display cases are all that you have to worry about. The fact is, you should worry more about the dust that is inside the display cases for jewelry rather than outside.

Make no mistake about it, dust can get inside your display cases no matter how careful you are and when they start to collect or build up, they begin to form a rough surface between your jewelry and the surface of the glass. This is where most of the scratches on your items will come from if you don’t frequently clean and wash the insides of your display cases for jewelry properly.

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The last thing you will want is to have your goods tarnished by simple dust when you could have cleaned them from your display case in less than a minute.

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