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Midwest Autumn: 3 Fun, Unique Things to Do in Chicago in the Fall



Things to Do in Chicago

With almost 3 million residents and way more visitors every year, Chicago is a bustling, popular city to visit. It has plenty of things to do in Chicago and some amazing architecture. From buildings, you pass on the street to the famous Cloud Gate.

Although you may be familiar with the typical tourist attractions and famous sights in Chicago, you may wonder what there is to do on a Fall trip there. After all, Chicago is such a rich city that plenty of activities fly under the radar and you may miss out on them during a trip without proper research!

These are the best things to do in Chicago in the fall. Don’t sleep on them!

  1. Private Yacht Rental in Chicago 

Sailing on the water is one of the best ways to see Chicago. Offering great views of the skyline and drifting through the whole city, the boats in this city provide people with an invaluable experience.

Yacht and Boat Rental in Chicago | Best Sailo Charter Deals

Although many boat tours are offered, why not rent a private yacht such as Adeline’s Sea Moose? Not only will you and your group have privacy while enjoying the great sights Chicago has to offer, but you can also get pampering experiences onboard!

  1. Haunted Tour

The fall season is Halloween season, and it’s well-loved for that reason. Many people love the spooky atmosphere that comes with fall and the traditions celebrated in the US. Such as apple-picking, pumpkin patches, and interactive haunted houses.

Chicago has a dark history surrounding it, and that means it provides the best-haunted tours. From legends to real history about serial killers. Any walking and bus tours can take you to places that are steeped in their dark history and give you all the backstory.

If you want to be creeped out this fall, a haunted tour is one of the best things to do in Chicago in October! Horror and true crime fans will love them.

  1. Food Festival

With more than 7300 restaurants, Chicago is definitely a foodie city — and this only gets better when there are food festivals in town! If you’re looking for the Best things to do with your family, look no further.

The Best Food Festivals Around the World

Known for some famous things like amazing hotdogs with many toppings, Chicago is a great junk food city and when you come here it’s time to indulge.

The most famous food of all, of course, is Chicago-style pizza. Forget New York — once you get your hands on a filling slice of the deep dish with a tasty sauce. Almost too much cheese, you’ll never go back to other pizza.

Sample the food in Chicago, whether it’s attending a food festival or just making your way around the restaurants.

There Are Plenty of Things to Do in the Fall!

If you’re wondering how your visit to the windy city is going to go later in the year, just know there are plenty of things in Chicago in the fall! Pick out what sounds good to you from an extensive list and make the most of your trip.

After all, it is a great city.

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Basic Things To Know About Surfboard Racks




Surfboard Racks

Surfboards are made up of polyurethane materials used to enjoy water-based sport, namely, surfing. But, preserving them from the external environment is necessary which involves a few techniques and methods to follow. One of the simplest methods of preserving surfboards is by making use of Surfboard racks.

Surfboard, the name itself rings a bell inside you, right. The surfboard is the shelf-like designed space that is used to hold the surfboards safely in-home or garage. The article below will explain the different types of surfboard roof racks of misfit surfboards available in the market.

Types of Surfboard Racks

The different types of surfboards available are fixed style surfboard rack, the soft roof rack, and the locking surfboard rack.

Hard or fixed styled surfboard racks

This type of rack is the best option to go with. It has been frequently purchased and loved by surfers around the world. In this type of rack system, the rack which is used to hold the surfboard is permanently fixed on the top of the car. This will take less time and money to fix but very effective.

This type of rack system is suitable for specific cars like SUV models. In many cases, the hard racks may damage your surfboard badly to avoid this type of damage you considering using Velcro coverings to prevent it.

Locking surfboard racks

This type of surfboard is expensive but great for people who have planned to drive along trips to enjoy their surfing experiences. In a fixed rack system, you need to stop often lock the surfboard without falling, this may cause the person real pain. Locking surfboard is extremely handy when you want to store your vacation accommodation too.

Soft roof racks for surfboards

This type of rack is a lifesaver to the person who keeps traveling often. The soft roof racks are relatively inexpensive and only take a few minutes to attach to any car roof. These racks help the surfboard to withstand pressure or another impact that arises while traveling. These racks can be easily locked by making a twist that straps the surfboard just once but will stop the surfboards from vibrating at high speed. Thus falling and other damages are prevented.

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I hope you are clear about surfboard and their types, which will help you purchase one that suits you!

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The Basics Ideas to Follow Before Starting Your Surfing Sessions- Learn Surfing Skills




Starting Your Surfing Sessions

Surfing is a water-based sports activity that involves surfboards as a platform to slide on the waves arising on the beach. This is considered as a favorite pass time to many and few people take this to be their profession too. However, this is an activity that requires immense effort and passion to learn surfing skills.

On account of learning these surfing skills and strategies, you need to remember few things before stepping into the water. Below are the most important aspects to be kept in mind by you beginners who are about to start learning surfing.

Few Aspects to Remember

Get the right equipment

It is important that you purchase the branded surfboard and wetsuit which is quite comfortable and flexible too. Speaking of suits men can prefer wearing shorts and a t-shirt wherein women may consider wearing a bikini. These outfits are comfortable and the person wearing them will also be able to enjoy the beach atmosphere too.

If you are planning to surf on the beach then choosing the right surfing board is also important. As you select a surfboard from a reliable shop it is also important to ask the shopkeeper about the wetsuit available with him. Yes, wetsuits are the best outfit you can wear out there while surfing.

Being a beginner to surfing it is better that you purchase Hayden shapes surfboards which are of length 8 to 11 feet and the thickness of the board is right enough too. This thickness will offer the board to control the waves and enables the surfer to float on the sea.

Prepare before yourself stepping into the beach waters

It is necessary to take proper practice before paddling out into the sea. Being a beginner to surfing, it is important that you take adequate practice. Every time you plan to surf it is important that stretch your back, arms, legs, and shoulders. Taking warm-up exercises will help you to be flexible out in the sea.

Practice your pop up and stance actions

After practicing your warm-up exercises, start paddling out and lay straight on the sand, and give practice runs. This constant practice and effort will help you to perform well in the sea. This will help you to pop up and stand firm on the board while sliding on the wave.

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Thus keep the above-mentioned pointers in mind when you go to a beach to enjoying surfing!

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